Effortless Server

$275.00 monthly

Sometimes you have a line of business application that just does not work well with the cloud. Or the application is so critical to your business that you want it located on-site within your office. We created the Effortless Server to answer these issues; an on-site server with all the benefits of cloud computing.

The Effortless Server package will provide you with a fully managed mini-server that will be located in your office. Your line-of-business application will be running on this local server to give you maximum performance and security. You still get all of the benefits of the cloud including automatic backup, disaster recovery, and no upfront purchase of server hardware.

Your server is fully managed, monitored, and supported 24x7. If we see an issue with the server - we fix it; in the very unlikely event that the server fails - we replace it; you no longer have to worry about a server everything is looked after.

The Effortless Server package is truly a great way to benefit from on premise speed and efficiency without the hassle of complex servers and other hardware.

Effortless Server package includes:
  • Mini-server hardware
  • Server operating software
  • Back-up and disaster recovery
  • Management and monitoring
  • Antivirus
  • Server support

The licensing and support of your line-of-business application is not provided with the Effortless Server however we can provide these at additional charge.

Add-ons available:

Effortless Secure Network, Effortless Internet