Effortless Client

$75.00 monthly per user

Do you need to save and share files as easily as possible? Do you need to have files accessible to some or all users within your organization? Effortless Client has file access and syncing capabilities that will make working on and sharing files easier than ever before.

You can work anywhere and on any device; simply open, view, change, and save files as usual. Your data is stored in the cloud and automatically synced. You can have files and folders that are for your eyes only and others that are available to anyone within your organization with rights to the shared files. It is that simple.

Unlike personal file syncing services, Effortless Client is built for business and includes end to end encryption, backup, archiving, disaster recovery, and full support.

Effortless Client includes our Effortless Email, a corporate email system including all the features important for you to get your job done. You will have email, calendar, and many other features all synced and accessible on almost any device. You will benefit from back-up, archiving, and spam and virus filtering for all emails.

You will also be provided with the latest version of Microsoft Office for your computer. This gives you access to all the new features as they become available.

You will be all set to work in the office or on the road with the efficiency and flexibility of cloud services.

Effortless Client package includes:
  • File storage and sync service for up to 500 GB of shared data
  • Corporate email with 25 G of mailbox space
  • Synchronized data and email on multiple computers, tablets, and mobile devices
  • Corporate sharing and delegation of data and email
  • Backup and disaster recovery for data and email
  • Virus protection for your computer
  • Spam and virus filtering for email
  • Archiving of email
  • Microsoft Office software
  • Support

Add-ons available:

Effortless Computer Support, Effortless Computer, Effortless Secure Network, Effortless Internet, Effortless Secure Accounting