Effortless Computer Support

- $25.00 monthly per computer

Add support for your computer to your Effortless package. For a small monthly fee we will give you peace of mind knowing you can call us to solve any software or hardware issues with your computer. (Does not include parts or software purchases)

Effortless Computer

Starting at $75.00 monthly per computer

If you want the ultimate worry free IT for your business then let us not only provide the cloud services but also provide the computers used within your business. We supply you with a fully supported business class Windows computer. You pay just one flat monthly fee; we monitor, manage, support, and if necessary replace the computer.

Effortless Internet

- $405.00 monthly

If reliable access to the Internet is critical for your business then Effortless Internet is the package for you. We give you a fully redundant Internet connection (two separate high speed Internets), a firewall with security, and it is all supported. You no longer have to deal with Internet providers and Internet outages; we make sure your Internet just works.

Effortless Secure Network

- $130.00 monthly

Add Internet security and network monitoring to your Effortless package. If you already have your Internet provider locked in or do not need our ultra-reliable Effortless Internet then let us provide you with a managed firewall, network security, and network support. We monitor and manage your network and Internet connection 24x7 and deal directly with your Internet provider if there are issues.

Effortless Secure Accounting

- $136.00 monthly

Are you worried about hackers and malware getting access to your business accounting or banking information? We have a solution for you, our Effortless Secure Accounting.

We install your accounting software on one of our Effortless Cloud Workstations and then lock down the workstation for maximum security. To keep you and your data safe we tightly control the Internet sites you can visit, what email you can access, and which applications will run from your secure accounting workstation. We then require two factor authentication for you to login to the cloud workstation.

Your accounting data never crosses the Internet but remains safe in our Canadian data centre. You get the benefit of being able to access your accounting from any Internet connected computer while still having the security your business accounting deserves.

The licensing and support of your accounting application is not provided with the Effortless Secure Accounting package however we can provide these at additional charge.